Artificial Eyes / Conformer /LASIIK SPEARS  Etc.

Artificial Eyes / Conformer /LASIIK SPEARS



Artificial Eye Right And Left Eye
The Artificial Eye Is Fitted To Replace The Lost Volume Of The Socket And To Restore Natural Apperar..
Cosmetic Shell
Cosmetic Shell Is Used In Case Of Disfigure Eye Only If There Is No Danger To The Patient In The ..
K-Sponge Spears
K-Sponge Spears Sets ..
MULES Sphere Acrylic Implants
Spherical Implant Is Positioned Within Tenon's Capsule Without Attachment To The Orbital Tissue. Dur..
Universal Conformer
Conformers Are Used After Enucleation To Conform To The Conjunctival Sac Fornices. They Should Ad..
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