Medi Instruments Inc. is world leader in manufacturing, designing and developing high quality handheld ophthalmic surgical instruments.  

Our founder, president Puuja Mehta‚Äôs vision led us to develop precision instruments and manufacture in company owned facilities.  These instruments are judged to be of the consistently excellent quality standards. Mediiusa surgical instruments carry an unconditional guarantee for quality and manufacturing. 

We provide excellence in quality at most attractive prices and have an outstanding technical support to service our medical professionals.  MediiUSA products exceeds the highest standards established in the USA and the European Union.  Our factories are registered with FDA , ISO 9001 and CE certified. 

Our engineers are continuously working to develop high precision instrument for advanced surgical techniques in ophthalmology.  We are ready and willing to design any advance instruments for your special surgical technique. 

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Medi Instruments Inc.

580 Fifth Avenue Suite 1720

New York, NY 10036